Cut the Act!

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You know, I’ve met a couple of folks who just always want to form ‘ninja’. They are always trying to be and assume what they are not. The reality remains the reality. The only person that is being fooled is you. None other! You see, whether or not you choose to speak up and attest to truth that there’s a void in you and that no one else can fill that void except God does not make that truth or reality a lie. It confirms it the more.

Day in, day out, you are consumed by that void in you. Seeking answers silently while trying to put up a great bold face, that says, “I’ve got it under control”. You know what I’ve found out? It’s that, when you’re actually trying too hard to make people believe something, it’s because you’ve lied so long to yourself so much that you believe the lie to be the truth now and also basically cos it’s not the real deal. CUT THE ACT bruv! (Matthew 11:28-29)

Also, I move on to my religious folks. Religion wasn’t the one that you claim died on the cross for you. Jesus is. You have to start questioning every religious act that you’ve followed and done dumbly. That’s when you’ll start to discover the specks in them. Oh! Did I just say specks? Pardon me. I mean the fault-lump of stuffs wrong with it. You don’t just hold on to some certain dumb doctrine because someone bamboozled you into it or because it’s being around and you’ve always heard it right from when you were young. Yeah! Young. Receptive stage to whatever chunk anyone was telling you. You’re older now. You don’t submit to that spiritual dumbness anymore. You have to research for yourself. Know what’s actually required. You’re not some robot that was built up on the coasts of China, you’re the image and likeness of God. You were visualized in the mind of God and brought up in the confines of his spirit. Come on! You can do better than this. You were not created to become a religious and religion monitor. You were created for a life, the truth life.

I mean all of those things; religion and dead practices that you’re involved in… If only you would be true to yourself. I mean, why can’t you just let it out. In all of these, you feel powerless. You feel void. You feel dead (as of no existence). And then, you’re wondering if this God-thing is actually real. Well, you have to CUT THE ACT bruv! Stop all these religious pretense. It’s eating you up from the inside. You know it. I know it too. How? Cos I’ve been in your shoes.

Stop fooling yourself and seek help. I mean, you call yourself a Christian. You should at least know what the first six letters of what you claim to be is. Isn’t it befitting? Oh! You say what? You know stuffs about him? Oh yeah! Definitely. You know stuffs about him. You don’t KNOW him. Cos if you did, you obviously wouldn’t be claiming you did. Your conscience wouldn’t be putting up questions against you. If you actually did, you would just know. Not trying to claim. That already shows you don’t. Drop the charade bruv. Drop the charade sis. It’s about time. (2Corinrh 3:6, Romans 4:13-14)

Come into the light. Stop lurking in the shadows. You know, if I had my way, I would have titled this “That’s it! I’ve had it”.

Yeah! I know right? I sound harsh and informal in this one. Don’t mind me. That’s just how it came to me. I’m actually a gentle person really. *smiles*

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