Another Religion 


When you see Christianity as a religion, all you see is an unnatural and strange life you have to live up to guided by some very difficult rules and laws.

When Christianity becomes the natural normal way of life to you and you no longer see it as a religion, then,  all you have to do is to just live it naturally.

Now,  even though it may seem as though it is too farfetched or something, which is because of our present physical body – the flesh constantly contradicting the spirit man,  still,  that’s the reason why we have the Holy Spirit with us.

The whole scenario is more like you finding a fish that has been washed up by the side of the ocean for hours and probably already starting to drown out of water, gasping for air probably (don’t know if they actually gasp for air though) and struggling right there on the floor; and then you take it up and throw it back into the ocean. Now,  first of all,  the fish doesn’t continue to struggle (it might take some seconds, and then the fish just swims away), however, the struggle stops. Secondly, the fish doesn’t see it as a new life, more like it has been restored back to it’s original life (now take note the fish has just been practically given a new life because it could have died, and so it’s as much a restoration to a life  as much as it is a whole new life). And lastly, the fish begins to swim and live the life comfortably and smoothly.

Most often at times,  when we become “Christians” (and am gonna have to repeat this) in quote, what we do is keep on gasping for air and struggling as if we were still drowning. It’s more or less like a man who almost drowned to his death and was rescued. But then, even after he has been rescued goes ahead to keep on having panic attacks where it’s almost like as if he’s back in the water drowning again and again, and this is so real to him until he’s able to overcome it.

Let me say this, and you should read this this like it’s not a cliche cos I know you’ve probably heard this more than once… Christianity is not a religion! Left to me,  I would that we were not called Christians really. I mean the word itself has been bastardised to mean everyone who goes to Church or again,  to mean anyone and everyone that is born into a family where the parents are supposedly Christians who go to Church. Oh!  How frail. And Yes,  I know it means being Christ-like but then we don’t have to give it a tag like that. By the way, it was men  that started to call the disciples Christians. We like to tag people based on who they are. It’s not like as if God said you people will be called Christians. Even better, he called us sons. By the way, even Jesus Christ didn’t come of himself neither did he do anything of himself. No! All was God. He himself was God-like. Now, if he is God-like, then we are also God-like. And if he is God, then we are Gods in that same order (but then I know a lot of folks are going to want to debate that so am just gonna move on from that).

The essence of everything is that God didn’t send Jesus Christ here to come and deliver unto us a religion and tell us we would be called Christians. No! What he did was to send Jesus Christ here to restore us to the original life and to give us a new life seeing we have been brought back from the dead.

The law was given to show and reflect light on our sins but it couldn’t make us live that life. So, we now live by grace wherein we are no longer living in consciousness of our sins but in consciousness of God. We now live in the stead of the righteousness of Jesus Christ and not in ours. He already fulfilled all that needs to be.

So,  relax for a moment. Clear your mind of all the junk about religion. Now all you have to do is to just live naturally.

P. S: Naturally doesn’t mean Carnally. Two different things.

23 thoughts on “Another Religion 

  1. Only Christ in us, that we cease to be of the world, that we put to death sin and self and righteousness is not a struggle in us anymore, but free flowing and in which case it becomes a lifestyle. Nice piece brother.

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  2. Your conversational approach and analogies makes your blog very interesting to read and has a lot of depth. You’ve taken what could be “hard to understand scriptures” and dissected them without losing essence or meaning.

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  3. Nicely put but it has quite serious flaws that even many Christians acknowledge. The biggest one is consistency ; we are at war with ourselves do we obey our conscience or our desires? Christians call this struggle the old man at work within. Freud explained it and psychology was born. You are quite right the word Christian has an impossibly wide meaning; a Christian act is any act of kindness. We must not forget the range of people who call themselves Christian is enormous. We now have big-bang Christianity endorsed by the Pope along with Calvinists , Pentecostals and many others. In the Garden of Eden they partook of the tree of the knowledge of good and EVIL notice that word it is part of human nature .

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    1. Hmm. Thanks for airing your view. Let me just say very shortly that first of all, we are not necessarily meant to obey any of the two. Not conscience nor desires. What we are meant to follow is the voice of the Holy Spirit. Conscience is a product of our our own inner voice, probably the good in us. The voice of the Holy Spirit supersedes that.
      Which leads me to the second point…a Christian act is not ‘any’ act of kindness. However, ‘any’ Christian act is an act of kindness and love. Good does not translate into God. However God translates into Good.
      Lastly, what anyone endorses is of no importance if it’s not in line with the word. Even Paul said; follow me as I follow Christ. Which means you are free to stop following me the moment I deviate from that path which is clearly the Christ path. It’s as simple as that.
      Overall, I’m thankful you took your time to read this blog post and sharing your view. God help us all.

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      1. Thanks for your reply. The modern meaning of a Christian act benefiting someone else. Just as the very word Christian is used very loosely ; he is good Christian man may well apply to a man who is not a professing Christian.
        I gather you are evangelical from your acceptance of the Bible no matter what. I’m assuming you are also charismatic and not a Calvanist.
        In my opinion when we allow anything to supersede our conscience we are on very dangerous ground because we relinquish our will and judgement . The whole purpose of the reformation was to enable men to judge the Bible for themselves .

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      2. I agree with you on that one, that a man exhibits a good Christian act does not necessarily mean he is a professing Christian.
        I smiled while I was reading the second part… The whole purpose of following Christ is leaving behind our own will and submitting to his will. Isn’t that why we clamour for his will to be done? However, we are able to judge and to question the scriptures, and even test them if they are true. Christianity is not dogmatism. Somebody cannot just say something and everybody just follows. We cross check the authenticity and that’s only revealed by the Holy Spirit. If you see a Christian that doesn’t question anything he doesn’t understand or adhere to yet, then, I can boldly tell you the person is just growing. As Christians, what helps us grow and be firm in the word is being able to ask the Holy Spirit important questions. I know cos I do that all the time.
        I’d like you to read this blog post “Cut the act” I published sometimes around last month. Specifically the part to the religious folks…

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      3. The key to your reply is ‘only revealed by the Holy Spirit ‘ . Now there are two types of Christian : those who believe ALL has been made available in the Bible and those who believe the Holy Spirit is still revealing today. All of these matters will depend upon interpretation and as you know that is as wide as the number of Christian group’s.
        Not long ago I watched a man burning NIV Bibles on tube ; he was a member of The King James Only movement . Another pastor was preaching naked to a naked congregation. I mention this to emphasize just how extreme a position Christian thought can drive believers.

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  4. Very good article sir, very well written. In the original Greek the word Christian means “follower of Christ” so I guess that is how we came to be called Christians. You are right about the Christian life, through time it becomes the norm for a person who is trying to walk the life Christ asked us to do, it becomes natural for us, it is not a chore. Thank you for taking of your time to write such an insightful article.

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