Darkness is not God’s Nemesis – Part 2 (God and Darkness 1)

The idea of most people is that God is in 'this' limbo of misery and pain where he constantly has to deal with the works of darkness in the form of ‘unrighteousness' and ‘manifestations of hardship, confusion or strategic works of demonic activities’. God is considered to be eternally stuck with darkness in a cycle of pain and misery. Therefore, whenever we perceive darkness, or darkness shows up, we are led in the direction of believing that God is probably hitting himself on the forehead and saying – "Oh shoot! Not this again". No! Not so. Let me come again, No No No!..(read more)


Darkness is not God’s Nemesis

The Beginning of Everything Before I can move on, I have to first satisfy the question of whether darkness was before God showed up on the scene or after. It's easy to go ahead and say; darkness came into existence when God created the heaven and earth. Of course, he created the earth from darkness, into darkness, and full of darkness (Genesis 1:1-2). So, we could have concluded that darkness came into existence when God spoke the earth into existence. However, before jumping into any conclusions, I'd like you to understand that before God spoke the earth into existence, God was and is. That is, God was and is already in existence far before the time of the creation of the world...and we then again understand that God himself dwells in darkness. God who is 'light' shines out of darkness (1John 1:5, 2Corinth 4:6, John 8:12). God's abode is darkness; God is covered and dwells in darkness (Psalm 18:11, Psalm 97:2, 2Chronicles 6:1). So, if God himself dwells in darkness, then, darkness didn't come into existence at the creation of the world. Then again, we're back at the question; did darkness exist before God showed up on the scene or after?...(read more)

Purpose – Not Created for the fun of it!

Everything God created, he created as a result of the potential of these things that he carried in himself. So all he had to do was to birth them forth. You would even notice this in the arrangement in which he created everything. He wouldn't create something when its survival was yet on another creation that was yet to be created. So you would see a definite order of creation by one who already knew everything he was to create from the beginning before he even started to create at all, because...(read more)


I was at the center of it all The center of my own epitome Consumed in my own pride Boastful and faith-ful in myself An ever fullness in myself So become as of a lion Only with the wrong stance and stature An identity I have toiled to create Lights glimmering and glittering Of all … Continue reading Faceless

Can I Tongues? 

Tongues!... Shanda! I once listened to a man of God say, which one would you rather be? A believer, not able to pray in the Holy Ghost or a believer being able to pray in the Holy Ghost (speak with tongues). I don't know what your answer might be, cos I've met a lot of … Continue reading Can I Tongues? 

Pixels of a Picture

Now, I could remember saying all one needs to know in this walk of purpose, which by the way is by faith are two things. One is to know the full picture. That is to have and know what the destination is. The second thing is...

King Priest Prophet II 

So, I was on to something when I took the time to explicitly talk about David. Anyway, that was an important aspect of this whole topic seeing that David represented that new order to us in a way. Now, as I already said before, we usually have the kings, or the priests, or the prophets … Continue reading King Priest Prophet II 

Land of Promise – TY Bello

You know, the very first day I came across this song (Land of Promise - TY Bello), I followed the link on her instagram account and listened to the song. Afterwards, I thought to myself; hmm, really nice song! Then, I found a way to download it. Yeah, it really is a nice song, but … Continue reading Land of Promise – TY Bello