Darkness is not God’s Nemesis – Part 2 (God and Darkness 1)

The idea of most people is that God is in 'this' limbo of misery and pain where he constantly has to deal with the works of darkness in the form of ‘unrighteousness' and ‘manifestations of hardship, confusion or strategic works of demonic activities’. God is considered to be eternally stuck with darkness in a cycle of pain and misery. Therefore, whenever we perceive darkness, or darkness shows up, we are led in the direction of believing that God is probably hitting himself on the forehead and saying – "Oh shoot! Not this again". No! Not so. Let me come again, No No No!..(read more)


Darkness is not God’s Nemesis

The Beginning of Everything Before I can move on, I have to first satisfy the question of whether darkness was before God showed up on the scene or after. It's easy to go ahead and say; darkness came into existence when God created the heaven and earth. Of course, he created the earth from darkness, into darkness, and full of darkness (Genesis 1:1-2). So, we could have concluded that darkness came into existence when God spoke the earth into existence. However, before jumping into any conclusions, I'd like you to understand that before God spoke the earth into existence, God was and is. That is, God was and is already in existence far before the time of the creation of the world...and we then again understand that God himself dwells in darkness. God who is 'light' shines out of darkness (1John 1:5, 2Corinth 4:6, John 8:12). God's abode is darkness; God is covered and dwells in darkness (Psalm 18:11, Psalm 97:2, 2Chronicles 6:1). So, if God himself dwells in darkness, then, darkness didn't come into existence at the creation of the world. Then again, we're back at the question; did darkness exist before God showed up on the scene or after?...(read more)

Darkness is ever with us

God created the heaven and the earth, but the earth was found in profound formlessness, voidness and darkness...until God began to work upon the earth. After the fall of man, the sequence of man's life became that he was born in sin and unrighteousness (formlessness, voidness and darkness). That became the pattern and sequence for every man's life, whether he was the son of the most anointed man of God or not. Every man had been brought and is born under the same spiritual ancestral lineage by default; which is the lineage of the first Adam, and therefore all became partakers of his broken and filthy nature of voidness, emptiness and darkness...(read more)

The Anomaly Incision 

At some point, it becomes clear to you that you have really overgrown/outgrown some friends. You are so happy to see them at first, but after the meet...and you're trying to blend in and flow with them, there just seems to be no 'point of intimacy' anymore. Yes, at first, you think maybe it's you … Continue reading The Anomaly Incision 


So, I'm officially back. Blogging is a lot of work mehn. I believe most of you who are also bloggers can relate. I got to say; big thank you to everyone of you, all my followers, those that kept on checking up my blog when I was partly MIA and all I was basically posting … Continue reading B•A•C•K

The ‘LIVE’ Ones

Just going to do a little bit of inspirational and motivational today. No crazy revelation, no deep scripture insight (although I think there still is), but definitely will give you that "hmmm" moment. Okay! So, you ever wondered why it's been so tough on you? Why as a believer, it seems as though you're battled … Continue reading The ‘LIVE’ Ones